Iterative summer

Greetings, dear reader.

The spring has passed with lightning speed, lots of work has been done and summer has unnoticeably come. I suspect that for us it will be one of the most difficult in recent years. It’s worth to clarify that we do not suffer of being hungry, our hands and feet are in place, but in case of stress, certainly – it won’t be boring, even though we have been living in such a rhythm for the seventh year already.

Continuous development, iterations and preparation for launching sales. For us, this will be the first experience of launching a product which is paid and that’s certainly exciting and we understand that this will entail an even greater level of responsibility. And it’s cool.

I’ll tell you a little more about the product itself:
It’s all about VPlace, a program for Windows; I’ve mentioned earlier in the blog and twitter. VPlace will expand the capabilities of the Virtual Space platform, which is designed to solve the following tasks: change the way we work with web space, blur the boundaries between native and web applications, and start popularizing devices with thin client architecture. And first of all VPlace solves the second of the above tasks.
With VPlace you can run programs from your PC in Virtual Space on website, without installing any additional software, you only need a browser. In other words, you can run the program installed on your computer A on another computer B directly in the browser, and the program will be part of the web application platform. Thus, we demonstrate the work and interaction of previously unrelated solutions in a single interface. We are confident that such developments will change the entire digital market in the next five years.
At the time of launch, VS and VP will not have a wide range of functions, but what they need to do – they will do well. We clearly put emphasis, removed all unnecessary and concentrated on specific scenarios for the use of our products. Corporate versions, a system for integrating third-party web applications, personal assistant – all these things are cool and very important, but now we at least can’t physically reach such scales, it’s only a matter of time.

We are looking forward to having hard but interesting summer, we sincerely believe that our work will be useful for people of all kinds of activities, origins and prosperity. And we are grateful to everyone who supports us in any way.

This time there will not be any traditional picture at the end of the post, we share with you the summer positive.

N1 team: Kirill Dobrinov, Ruslan Davletshin, Mark Gubarev
N1 team: Kirill Dobrinov, Ruslan Davletshin, Mark Gubarev