On the way to further achievements

The New Year has come, this is the year of the dog. It’s quite symbolic that my dog stole and ate napoleon cake on the New Year’s Eve. He finished everything to the last crumb!

We did a lot during last year and clearly understood what we will introduce to our users in new year, why our product is useful and why users should pay for it. By the beginning of the summer we will finish development of home server and VPlace technology, will rewrite Virtual Space using new Angular, open registration and start sales.

To all indifferent to us and our enterprise I wish strong health, strength, patience and love for all plans realization. As a person who has already been advancing toward the goals for seven years starting from a rural school and a dream I can assure you that the main thing is desire and strength of will, never give up whatever happens. Each of us has his own way, own life and a story but only we create the reality where we like some things and dislike other. And I believe that every person with a sence of purpose brings into life such variety which gives us significance and happiness.

Take care of you.

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“Early snow”, K.Ya. Kryzhitsky