Our history


  • Kirill met Mark, created N1 team and project V;
  • Development of Yourtape, social networks aggregator, closing the project after half a year because of irrelevant concept;
  • Begining of messenger Hi development, messenger with self-destructing messages, project was rapidly closed due to lack of resources;
  • New team members, 6 people in the team at the end of the year. All of the team were involved in projects on a full participation basis without any wages.


  • Development of Runexto, a search on social networks, a search robot and a resource ranking system were implemented;
  • Changes in the team, two left, two came.


  • Meeting Ruslan, new team lineup;
  • Resumption working on Yourtape, changes in its concept as the newsreader. Also work on Hi was continued, but soon the project was closed due to the already existing product on the market with a similar killer-feature (Snapchat), the decision was also influenced by the lack of resources.


  • Development of SpyNotify, automatic control system, which notifies of any changes in the specified web page;
  • Development of Jedd, creative file storage (GitHub for creative people);
  • Ineffective team members leave the team, so the final team lineup was formed;
  • Further development of Runexto and YourTape.


  • Awareness of all mistakes that were done, all projects were closed;
  • Decided to concentrate on one specific product that will be in demand on the market at least in the next 5 years. So the team began to develop a scary at that time because of its scale project Virtual Space, the operating system in the world of the web.


  • Release of the Virtual Space beta version, involvement over 200 testers, work on bugs.


  • Further development of Virtual Space, beginning development of an application for VPlace software remote running that expand capabilities of VS.


  • Big changes in Virtual Space and VPlace, creating something big and new, engaging new members. 


to be continued 😎