Our arsenal

Five years ago we have started from zero as specialists constantly improving our skills as our technology stack was changing.

When we started working on projects we decided to learn and use Node.js platform before it became popular because we found it very perspective. Time has shown that it was a right decision.

By the time we started working on our search engine Runexto new type of crawling tools appeared — headless browsers, PhantomJS was one of first we used. But it wasn’t too fast and fault-tolerant and its purposes were slightly different from our needs. That’s why when we started making our web pages tracking system we used Scrapy framework + Splash programmed with Python/Lua. To track bugs we use YouTrack.

At the moment we are using a classic MEAN stack. New technologies and libraries appear every day, and we are going to integrate most useful and perspective ones eventually into Virtual Space, for example:

  • machine learning based video compression;
  • react + GraphQL for client part of our applications.

“The Hermitage of the Shepherds”, K.P. Bryullov