Project V [Archive]


Hello everyone. My name is Kirill Dobrinov and I represent N1 team.

In 2012 at the beginning we understood why we will work on these or other projects and what we want to achieve in general. So the project V was created, in fact it was our strategic plan. The goal of the project is the widespread introduction and development of technologies, the popularization of the creative course.

We are sure that it is necessary to create the most accessible conditions and technologies for obtaining education, developing medicine and working activities regardless of national, religious and other differences. Only these will allow us to drive competition that will engender new geniuses, new leaders, those who will lead humanity in the future.


The first step of the «V» Project is to create Virtual Space, an operating system in the world of Web. More information about VS you can find here.

Actually the project is a website in a form of desktop with default applications and a library of exterior apps  that interacting with each other through the platform,  i.e.  this is an OS with websites instead of programs.

This project aims at providing:

  • to user another more progressive way of interaction with Web environment;
  • to developers an additional source of traffic and a new platform for promotion their products.

At that time WebOS market is extremely poor. Existing solutions are similar to Dropbox and in a form of a desktop. Its business-model is to sell extra storing files memory. In fact existing WebOS are  cloud data storages. We don’t focus on a data storage, we focus on providing the most flexible environment for external apps including Dropbox.

As a result we will creat new  full-fledged WebOS market that will be shared also by some social networks, its transformation to OS format  seems to be logical process on the  way to developing  such a large scale projects.

Our solution will:

  • unleash the potential of an Web-environment
  • lead to development of an enormous number of products
  • lead to implementation of bigger scale solutions.

Second step

Development of devices based on a thin client and home servers with a peer-to-peer technology.

Devices will include both wearable and usual devices like TVs, doc-stations and so on.

The situation on the market of smartphones, laptops, tables and so on is tense. It has already become obvious that there is no point in using more and more powerful chips or it is even impossible without losing ergonomics. And this year showed us that top companies in the industry clearly understand it, but  still follow the way they get used to. We believe that thin client is a technology of the near future.

Imagine that you can run Adobe Photoshop or GTA V on your mobile, moreover your device is as simple to use and well-designed as flagship device. And this device is cheaper. It means that all functional processes will be on your home server or on the server of our company. Your smartphone only get the video and send data on server so that  significantly reduce  production costs of such devices

This is an inevitable future in view of active development of telecommunication technologies, connection speed and internet coverage  area make it possible to create the most powerful intranet,  available and high-quality devices.

These technologies are widely using in gaming and corporations, and peer-to-peer technology is known thanks to torrent.

Co-using of these devices and Virtual Space allow to create an intranet with the huge amount of different soft and legal content, which could be sent from user to user, i.e. instead of downloading a film from a remote server, it will be faster to download it from nearby similar devices. Moreover these devices including home server are closely connected to a “smart house” concept that we also interested in.

A short demonstration of thin client working will be included to a release of VS.

Third step

This is not the end, there are different ways of further project development, we are also interested in bioengineering, «smart house», ocean and space exploration, alternative power-sources and so on. Most likely, next we turn our attention to education. But at the moment all these just lay in the folder on the far shelf and I hope the moment will come  when we start to put it into practice .