Dear friends, my name is Kirill Dobrinov and I’m representing N1 team.

In 2010, when I was a teenager, as all my agemates did I thought a lot about my future and destination. That time I was seeking SEO, kept a blog for some pocket money and did same on a by-order basis. I was all about internet-technologies and technologies at all especially when I understood that it’s possible to raise money from it.

One day I realized that I knew my destination. Currency took second place, goal appeared. It was a crucial and emotional event. After I had met my team-mates we comparted this path and began putting it in place.


We are living in a such a wonderful world.

The sheer fact that we are living and reasoning about our life is a miracle. But in society things are not as good. Somewhere youth are studying mathematical analysis and optimistically planning ahead, whereas somewhere else children are starving and they won’t find out what “analysis” means. Frequently it’s not because of their parents are “the rest”, terrible and lazy. Present society’s structure is not free from shortcomings, and the most unequal thing is that some of high-powered people, who follow their mercenary goals, are leaving behind a huge amount of people including children. It’s not a surprise that in these conditions aren’t steady persons are growing up.

We are making the case for saving cultural aspects and national entirety, for a dialog between them and cooperative succeeding in global goals. We must create the most affordable conditions for getting a degree, self-development and professional experience despite national, religious and other division. This is the only way we are able to grow up effective competition, which will born new men of genius, new leaders, who will be able to lead humanity in the future.


The first step of the “V” Project is a realization of Virtual Space. an operating system as a part of WEB.

More information about VS is on the next page. This project is solving these issues: giving a user another, more progressive way of interworking with WEB-environment and suggest to developers an additional source of income and a new platform for promotion their products. The project represents a site in a form of desktop with default applications and a library of exterior apps, which are interacting with each other as a part of a platform. In other words, this is an OS with sites instead of programs.

At that time webOS market is extremely poor. Solutions, which are exist inside of this market, are similarities of Dropbox in a form of a desktop. Business-model of these solutions consist of selling extra memory for keeping files. As received, existing OS are dividing the space of cloud storage. We accentuate not on a cloud storage, but on a giving the most flexible environment for exterior apps, including Dropbox.

Because of working on this project, we are creating new, full-fledged market of webOS, which will be shared also by some social networks, because the transformation of social networks to an OS format is seems to be logical as a part of a way to developing projects of such a big scale. Our decision is going to show the potential of an WEB-environment and lead to development of an enormous number of products and realization of bigger scale’s solutions.

After we are going to work on some small projects to be included to VS: HI — messenger, Yourtape — news feed and so on. After these projects will be realized and got to a point of return, we are going to our second step.

Second step

Development of devices based on a thin client and home servers with a peer-to-peer technology.

Devices will include both wearable and usual devices like TVs, doc-stations and so on. The situation on the market of smartphones, laptops, tables and so on is stringent. It has already become obvious that using more and more powerful chips is senseless or even impossible without losing at ergonomics. This year showed us that largest companies of this sphere are understanding it, but they are still on the way they get used to. We consider that thin client is the thing of the future. Imagine, that you can run Adobe Photoshop or GTA V and at that time your device is as simple to use and well-designed as top-of-the-lines of largest companies. And this device is cheaper. It means that all functional processes will be fulfilled on your home server or on the server of our company. Your smartphone is just getting the video, so it makes producing of devices like that cheaper.

It’s an inevitable future, considering active development of telecommunication technologies, connection speed and square of internet coverage let us make the most powerful intranet and available devices of high quality.

These technologies are widely used at gaming and corporative spheres, and peer-to-peer technology is known by anyone because of torrent. Owing to co-using of these devices and Virtual Space we can make an intranet with the huge amount of different soft and legal content, which will be sent from user to user. Frankly speaking, instead of downloading a film from a remote server, it would be faster downloaded from nearest devices. Moreover, these devices are closely connected to a conception of “smart house”, which is also interecting for us.

A little demonstration of thin client working will be included to a release of VS.

Third step

Independent educational foundations.

After studying at usual small-town-school, mathematical lyceum and getting a degree de jure at the top IT University of my country, I realize which educational foundations do we need for the next generation. We must create affordable and wanted institutions for development and growth, closely connected with business and working international programs. The most important thing for applying to university is desire of student. It’s important for parents to be sure about perspectives and for students to apply for knowledges they should have choices on studying disciplines and future career guaranty, despite material basis. Frequently going to a University isn’t connected with getting knowledges. One of the decisions are contracts with medium and large business, who is paying for studying of some number of specialists and/or a giving their own professionals away as professors. After school top-scored graduates are studying at the University, and University graduates are working for this company. This way isn’t unique and widely-spread, but it isn`t massive. We ween that creating and development of educational foundations like this leads to positive effects such as growing-up gifted and industrious people.

This is not the end of the third step, we are also interested at bioengineering, “smart house”, ocean and space exploration, alternative power-sources and so on. I hope we will come to it soon.

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