If you feel close to our ideas, please, support us and project V  any  way:

1.    Tell your friends about us

Share the information about us and project V with your friends. Tell them  that there is guys who hope to change the way of the entire industries development. This is important because  attract like-minded people and encourge them don’t give up. We are happy to meet everyone who isn’t indifferent to our ideas.

2.    Work with us

If you are a developer, a designer, an engineer, a translator, a photographer, a writer, a musician or another passionate person who wants to help us, contact us, we need you.

3.    Take part in testing

We need professionals for testing our products as our small team can’t keep track of all the bugs.

4.    Financial help

Daily  needs, server bills, movements etc — all these require money. We have to balance between earning money and developing our project, it’s obvious that slow down the process. Every sum of money can significant improve our efficiency.

For any contribution, please, use this link or fill the form below. It’ll be great if after that you send us an e-mail (kpdobrinov@gmail.com),  we will send you a special registration code providing you with access to a life-long pro-account of our project.