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Since 2016 we have been developing Virtual Space — an operating system in the world of WEB

This solution is a platform of web-applications in a form of desktop with default applications and a library of exterior apps, which are interacting with each other through the platform,  i.e.  this is an OS with websites instead of programs.

What for?

Since Internet has become popular the number of websites is growing fast, but the way of interraction with them is the same. Same relevant resource searching, same tabs, same passwords and so on. Internet has a enormous potential, so it requires new mechanisms, which will make it easier operating with sites and take it to the next level.

Imagine the folowing situation: you need to pass an apple to your friend, who is two steps away from you, but you can do this only by using intermediary, who also doesn’t often works fast. The same thing happens when you’re surfing the Internet. You need to download a picture from one website and upload it to another. Instead of dragging it or using a command for sending a file from site A to site B, you have to download the picture on your device for uploading it on another website after that. We suppose that this way is not appropriate anymore and there must be a solution, which will improve interraction between websites.

Sources of high-quality mobile solutions are such catalogs as App Store and Google Play. They provide some moderation adding apps to the catalog, rating system and commenting. It helps users to get safe and good quality app fast, look throug comments and post their own. At the same time these catalogs provide access for young developers, who thanks to it can concentrate on app quality instead of promotion. Web need such solutions but within platform where apps will be able to interact.

Operating with browsers you may request assistance of the searching machine and try to find website there, but it’s always a pig in a poke. Often a lot of good solutions are on lower positions just because of small advertising campaign budget. We must create an environment with integrated decisions moderation, rating and  commenting systems for better quality web-apps development and promotion.

Virtual Space is the beginning of a long way. We are sure that platforms’ rivalry,  Web technology decentralization and devices based on thin client are our future.

Essential functions

  • Integration

VS project priority is the development of web-apps platform. If you are the owner of site supplying highly demanded service, you can add your app to our service without significant time and financial costs. For this purpose you submit a front-end of your solution matching VS style  (adaptive mobile version will do). Next step is moderation and work with API. After a successful integration your app will appear in a catalog. You will attract new clients, get new opportunities and recieve a feedback without paying much attention to your app  because of no need to work with technologies that differ from Web.

  • Personal Assistant V

Web-app integrated in VS  provides us API  which is used by our personal assistant V. In the command line you make a request, for example «copy folder *diploma to folder *studies», «turn on *Depeche mode», «order a pizza *Margarita from *vpizza» etc.  Just imagine opportunities of our assistant with thousands of functions among hundreds of apps in its database. By adding machine learning and an integration with «smart house» systems we get something that  claim to be called artificial intelligence.

  • Web-apps interaction

One of the main challenge of VS is ensuring web apps interaction within the platform and also beyond it using our UniTypes technology.  This technology means that developer during integration of his solution to a platform mark data types that his app is working with, after that this app is able to interact with other on condition that there is common data types, for example, dragging messages from one messenger to another, report generation in CRM together with document management system etc. Progressive development of UniTypes technology provides great opportunities for corporate information systems as well as mass use sphere. In the future sites integrated to VS get an opportunity to add a special panel with the set of pre-defind functions for interaction beyond VS. For example, buying a book online you can pick «upload to Dropbox/Virtual Space» on this panel.

  • Corporate desktop

VS business-model is based on two sources of revenue generation: apps sale fee and corporate desktop. The first one is clear, this is common and the best way of such solution monetizating: we attract clients and get a small comission, this is the way how Google and Apple operate on the mobile market. The corporate desktop is more interesting, it differs from usual VS desktop in that there is  defined set of solutions and advanced settings for its interaction. For example, desktop for large businesses №4 «CRM Alpha + ERP Beta + workflow system Gamma». Considering that more and more corporate systems start to use cloud technologies, this solution seems to be perspective and in-demand, and what is more important beneficial for business.

  • Running programs from your PC

This function is just for demonstration how VS could provide the basis for the development devices based on a thin client. You download a program, for example, on your desktop computer and choose software that you want to run remotely. Next you leave your computer on and then you can open these programs in your phone/tablet browser without installing new software using VS.  In this case not the whole desktop will being translated, but just a program. In the near future app running this way will be able to interact with web-apps without restrictions. Thanks to this technology  we will erase the boundaries between web-apps and software on your PC.

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