What’s happening?

Hello! I’m Kirill Dobrinov.

For a long time there were no news from us, but it does not mean that nothing is happening. 🙂

I and Mark are working on the implementation of the most relevant and promising idea of all ones that came to my mind. We have enough resources to create MVP and begin promotion, given the fact that we also work in our free time. We will take all the mistakes made earlier into account and we will achieve the result step by step. Details will be revealed later.

We also have two new team members: backend&frontend developers who are working on another, less ambitious, but quite interesting solution.

VPlace is now in a freeze, and work is being done purely on the web part of application, because Mark and I focused on another project.

In order not to miss really important news, bookmark the blog and subscribe to my profile on Twitter. If you want to become part of the team or support us — send an email: contact@n1.team

Thank you for reading!

“Workers lunch”, S. Vinogradov